Originally a Postlerův mill, several mountain huts (about 9); and a lodge that as the mountain village of Lower Serlich belonged to Sedlonov. Around 1902 the mill was rebuilt brothers Fuknerovými from Trutnov to a holiday inn, in which the sawmill fashioned clapboard.

The building burned down several times. From 1924 to 1925 he was a sawmill Šerlišský mill lies prepared material for the construction of Masaryk cottage on Šerlich. In 1929-30, the inn was rebuilt to a mountain cabin Šerlišský mill and the upper floor. This building served in World War 2 as a recreational center for women prominent people Wehrmacht, perhaps even stayed here and the family of General von Paulus.

If you have visited in the Eagle Mountains Šerlišský mill, you know that it is a quiet place. But what peace there used to be over a hundred years ago, it perhaps can not even imagine. Tourists, however, have infiltrated the late 19th century, when traveling on the main ridge orlickohorský into space Šerlichu. At their hands a lot has changed here. Šerlišský mill lies the attraction grew as the former mill ceased number of visitors and therefore do broběhly all these reconstructions to its current form. Arose and hiking trails.

Today, there is the large junction. Marked routes coming from five directions and converge at a symbolic reminder of the former mill, which is a wooden wheel set in a small park next to the hotel